Tasting by the Moon

2014-08-21 00:27:40
AUG 21/14

Using the Lunar calendar for wine tasting?  No so hooky as it seems.

Apparently 1st century Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder was the first to note the changes the moon had on the earth’s bounty.  He is quoted as saying

“[the moon] replenishes the earth; when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them.”

This inspired Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic farming. And is now the method of planting pruning and cultivating referred to in the Farmer’s Almanac.

Expert Jamie Goode, says it might have something to do with atmospheric pressure and not so much on the position of the planets.  Or perhaps it’s the moon’s push and pulls on our taste buds not what we are tasting.

But whatever is causing it, there’s no denying the affect it has – for years the industry has been scheduling wine shows and tastings on particular days (Fruit or Root) to show off the particular variation. Below is a taste of what you should know:

Fruit days are a great day for any wine

Root days are noted for having a negative effect on wines, but from my research I’ve found that wines with a specific ‘Terroir’, may benefit from tasting during these days.  So in certain regions, the soil, climate and even methods produce a distinctive taste which may come to light during root days.

On Flower or Blossom days, you would benefit from more aromatic wines.

Alternatively on the Leaf days avoid drinking wine altogether.

Is it affecting my drinking habits? No and I don’t expect it will, but I’ve been using this site as a reference when curious:, or when I want to sound pretentious.

And there’s an app for that too – Wine Tonight:

Summer Update

2014-07-15 16:23:39
JULY 15/14

It’s been a busy summer with record numbers of icebergs. We’ve been welcoming visitors from all over the world visiting Iceberg Alley (Twillingate to St. Anthony shoreline) . With Folks visiting us from all over Canada and the world so far away as Namibia, Brazil, Spain, India, and Iran. Our guest book is filling up fast. Everyone loves to come to Twillingate for the scenery, the people, the food, and the entertainment; with The Auk Island Winery is certainly on everyone’s itinerary with our wide range of products and great service and awesome staff.

This summer we’ve introduced some new wines, 12 Gauge, Blue Raven and Aurora. They have all been received with great fanfare. 12 Gauge is a Medium blend of twelve different Newfoundland berries and fruit. Blue Raven is a sister wine of the local favourite Black Crow, it’s a Medium-Dry mixture of Blueberry and Crowberry perfectly balanced for any occasion. Finally Aurora – our Rhubarb wine re-imagined with the majesty of the northern lights in mind; this delightfully refreshing medium-dry wine made with Newfoundland rhubarb is not to be overlooked. Our newest gem ‘3 sheets to the wind’ a plum apple rhubarb blend. The label says it all, 3 sheets blowing in the wind, a refreshing cool taste of Newfoundland on a hot summer’s day. Currently only available in the 187ml and the retail store.

We’re very excited about our line up, and so are the customers. From the west coast to the east coast, all across Canada, our customers are enjoying Auk Island wines, shipped right to their doors for just $10. That’s an offer you can’t pass up!

Onsite we also have a fantastic Sub and Ice-cream facility plus a wide range of Downhome gifts and souvenirs all at one convenient location. Hope to see you soon!


Our New Blog

2014-05-01 14:00:02
APRIL 06/14

Welcome to our new News page. We are very excited to bring you lots of new products and services this year. For the last 17 years the Auk Island Winery has been providing world class wines from local Newfoundland berries, which are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. What a refreshing thought – in this day and age where chemicals are the norm, we take great pride in bringing forth wine blends made with a traditional method, but making use of new technologies.
This news page is going to be your first stop for new products at the Auk Island Winery and happenings in our town of Twillingate, Newfoundland.
We are proud to be one of the favourite tourism destinations of thousands of visitors to Newfoundland & Labrador each year. The winery has become a must stop while in Twillingate. We house the Downhome Gift Shoppe where you can find a large selection of gifts, books and clothing. Also in the winery we have Puffins Sandwich and Ice cream shop it’s a local favourite, providing nutritious lunches and irresistible sweet treats.
While at the winery you can attend a wine tour which introduces you to our namesake: the Great Auk, and to the production area where we demonstrate our wines are made and what makes them different.
So check back often for more news and events here at the Auk Island Winery, or follow us on Twitter (@AukIslandWinery) and Facebook (

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon.


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